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Transfer Video, Film and Audio to DVD, MP3 or digital.

Transfer video, tape, slides & photos to DVD and digitize MP3, MP4. Convert film, 16mm, 8mm, super 8mm, camcorder tape, VHS, VCR tape, miniDV, mini DV, video 8, HI8, digital 8, Betamax, home movies, Umatic (U-Matic), Betacam, Betacam SP, BetaSP, camera tape and flash memory to DIGITAL or DVD. Copy DVD to DVD. Duplicate CD. Professionally edit video projects. Repair tapes & transfer to DVD or FLASH. Foreign conversion of PAL & SECAM to United States format NTSC. All transfers are done on premises. Fast turn around upon request.


We transfer VHS, VHS-C, mini DV, hi8, digital 8 and Beta tapes convert to DVD and FLASH. We transfer full quality digital video files (MOV or AVI) for editing


1-5      $20 EACH  both DVD & FLsh

6-20    $15 EACH, oth DVD & FLASH         

Film & Movies to DVD

We transfer your movie film to DVD and FLASH 

Audio Transfer
Slides & Negatives

Need to convert a cassette to CD or MP3 ? We can help you.

Scanning photos can preserve your memories for generations to come! Our photo scanning technicians use the most advanced photo scanning equipment to scan photos. 

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